Andrea Bartlett

Chief Executive Officer

Andrea is at the forefront of the AI revolution, an innovative leader spearheading a dynamic startup dedicated to reshaping the future of healthcare with AI. With a career spanning more than 20 years, Andrea brings a wealth of diverse expertise from the life sciences, healthcare and technology industries. Her journey is marked by leading a series of successful digital transformations programs, demonstrating a unique blend of strategic insight and technical experience.

Anthony Burke

Chief Technology Officer

Anthony believes that the digital transformation taking place in artificial intelligence can yield significant and meaningful gains for people who may not be served by electronic systems today. By including people from different cultures with technology like Generative AI, Anthony believes we can expand the conversation towards a more productive and inclusive future.

Joe Scott

Chief Operating Officer

Joe is an Enterprise AI strategist with a background in information technology and data analytics. With extensive management consulting and implementation experience across healthcare and the pharmaceutical value chain, he has led complex initiatives spanning provider-based clinical studies, CMC, commercial manufacturing and commercial operations. Passionate about health outcomes, Joe has spent his career focused on quality, accuracy and the implementation of best practices to accelerate time to market and patient.